According to the WHO, a few decades back diabetes was an uncommon disease, in both developed and developing countries. Nowadays, the story is different. It is now about 143 million people worldwide are having diabetes. This figure is ever growing, by 2020 over 220 million people are affected with diabetes, if the current trend continues.

Over 2.8 million African Americans have diabetes and one third of them don't realize they have the disease. In addition, twenty five percent of African Americans between the ages of 65 - 74 have diabetes and one in four African American women, over the age of 55, have been diagnosed with the disease

Diabetes Mellitus (or simply diabetes), commonly know as "sugar diabetes", is a condition that occurs when the body is unable to properly produce or use insulin. Insulin is a hormone to control the rate at which sugar, starch and other food are converted into glucose required as energy for daily life. This insulin help to maintain the blood glucose level within a normal range, Diabetics often suffer from low glucose levels (sugar) in their blood. Low blood sugar levels can make you disorientated, dizzy, sweaty, hungry, have headaches, have sudden mood swings, have difficulty paying attention, or have tingling sensations around the mouth.

Diabetes can lead to many disabling and life threatening complications. Strokes, blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, and amputations are common complications that effect African Americans who have diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition for which there is no known cure; diabetes is a serious disease and should not be ignored. 

How to Lose Belly Fat by Eating Fruit

How to Lose Belly Fat by Eating Fruit

Did you know that nutritionists suggest that you have at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to maintain a healthy a balanced diet and that many do not even come close to this on the consistent basis? Is it any wonder that so many of us tend to have excess fat, carrying the majority of it around midsections? It shouldn't be, there is actually a direct correlation between the lack of nutritious, whole foods in ones diet, and the abundance of belly fat. Not to worry, this is sure to provide you with some great information in terms of why you should eat more fruit if you're looking to lose extra belly fat, as well as ways you can painlessly start implementing more fruits into your diet immediately.

Fruit and Fat Loss
In order to lose weight through dietary modifications, one of the most effective methods is to eat foods that have less calories and are more nutritious and filling. Fruit fits this description because it is full of vitamins and nutrients, has high level fiber, (incidentally, fruit is one of the best sources of fiber) which is great for regulation of the digestive tract. They also has high water content which helps your body to feel full faster, and for a longer duration of time.

In addition to that, they are also chock full of good carbohydrates and sugars. This means that they provide a great source of energy which is vital to any weight loss program. Also, the sugars help to regulate insulin levels which helps to lessen instances of diabetes which is often associated with obesity. It also helps to cut down on the instances of eating junk food do to strong urges caused by sharp drops in insulin levels.

Serving Suggestions
Although canned, and dried fruit, still count as servings of fruit, they are often loaded with unnecessary sugar and preservatives, which slightly defeats the purpose. However, some do have economic restraints, or storage issues, so, if you fall into this category, you can eat some canned or dried fruit for a serving or so of your fruit per day. Just be sure to make sure you are getting fruit that is packed in juice instead of syrup, and check the sugar content on your dried fruit before purchasing it as, some brands have a higher sugar content than others and some types of fruit are typically more heavily sugared on the whole.

On the whole, fresh fruit is much more preferable to all other types of fruit. Some of the best fruits to eat in order to burn more belly fat are: peach, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, raspberries, musk melon, grapefruit, honeydew, apples, papaya, and bananas.

In case you're not a huge fan of fruit, here are a few suggestions to help you begin to eat more fruit daily.

Eat a banana or apple for breakfast.
Have a fresh fruit smoothie mixed with almond milk or yogurt (add some veggies such as: celery or spinach, for an added boost).
Eat sliced melon for snack.
Have a grapefruit for breakfast.
Eat apple slices and peanut butter for an afternoon treat.
Have a fresh fruit salad for dessert.

Overall, the best way to lose belly fat is through a combination of diet and exercise. However, if you simply add a healthy amount of food to your diet, it can work wonders without even having to lift a finger.

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